In the recording wedding photography needs determination viewpoint or framing that objects presented have better outcomes and beautiful. Field of view or framing is one step shooting must determine the extent of the field of view for the main object and other objects in relation to the background, then there are known as the camera angle, which means an angle of view in taking a picture of an object, the scenery, and the scene , With a certain angle, we can produce an interesting shot, with a unique perspective and create a certain impression on the images produced. Angle in which the angle is divided into six, the namely normal angle where the cameras are placed at eye-level objects. The normal angle depends on the height of an object. Second, High Camera Angle where the camera position is higher from the eyes of the object so that the camera should be subject to photograph. This viewpoint is very useful for showing the set and all its objects. Low Camera Angle where the position of the camera is below eye level so that the camera should be up to shot.

There is also a unique image capture that bird’s eye view which is taking an object from above, Subjective camera angle to the position of the camera is put in place a character that does not appear in the layer and showing the audience a view of a viewpoint character. If you liked the shot as it is, you can wear objective camera angle. Likewise, with other image capture is called the framing by performing shot long distances and serves a very wide field, the camera takes the object as a whole. The main object looks very small and looks very dominant background, this collection is called the Extreme Long Shot. While on the other so-called Long Shot is a shot that is too far away, the fields are taken closer than ELS, but still, the main object still looks too small compared to the overall background.