The Importance of Doing a Translation Test When Looking for a Translator

When looking for someone to translate, you need to do a test. In this way, you will be able to find the right translator for you like the legal translation dubai. To test the writing of the translation services, you can give a maximum of 200 words. Select the text that you think fairly represent the skills needed to search text. For the interpreter, you can call an interpreter or interpreters are selected and do simultaneous or consecutive translation tests. You have to read the text for 1-2 sentences and ask your translator to instantly translate it into the target language. You can use a phone or a video conference like Skype if any.

You also need to create a check List or the list Fittings for this selection by taking into account the following criteria, the more positive values of the criteria of the test results can be, the better the translation quality is expected eventually. The criteria are as follows:

– ACCURACY: Text missed or removed, the translation is wrong, said the source language is not translated.
– TERMINOLOGY: True or absence of the use of terms
– STYLE: Compliance with the target reader’s writing style, consistency of style, literal or dirty raw.